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United Kingdom
Hello, so about me? I usually fail at these sorts of things but let’s give it ago. Since the 9th of May in 1990 I've been living in my own little world of books, games, movies, writing and so much more. I tend to be more talkative online so feel free to come along and chat. Fair warning I can get a bit too into things either geeking out or being a good sort of fangirl (I’m not in your face but I may just go on and on and on), so be prepared. I like to think I'm easy to get along with and all that. I am a committed vegetarian, a member of the Bat Conservation Society, I believe strongly in animal rights and keeping nature as best we can. I'm a bit of a self-proclaimed geek and opheliac. I'm slightly obsessed with Zombies, Survival Horror and RPG games. Other genres of games I like include some fighting, racing/driving, and movie or comic book based. I love fantasy and horror fiction and movies. I'm a die-hard Lord of the Rings, Elder Scrolls and Resident Evil fan (books, games and movies). I also adore classical fiction as well as comics and graphic novels some favourites include 30 Days of Night, Gambit and V for Vendetta. Like most people I love listening to music, a collection of styles and genres but mostly epic metal, German rock, metal and industrial, Celtic, new age and instrumental. I would like one day to be a published author, whether this will happen I am not sure, I also want to go on learning, and my dream job would involve something with books, working in an archive would be amazing. I draw inspiration from many places for my writing and doodles and just letting my mind wonder.

I am trying to start to actually draw characters instead of using doll bases. I take photography in my spare time for a hobby and I'm also starting to work with photo-manipulations for wallpaper purposes on the most part. I'm a University student, studying for an English Degree, I have several plans for the future and hope to realise them one day. I also dabble in fanfictions still and love to write although very rarely do I post that online. I have purely original character's and some that I have created for a certain fandom or 'universe'.

Most of this, regarding my art and or writing, is due to motivation from my friends to get out there and just do what I want to do. Without them I'd probably be even more messed up than I am and I would have no one to rant to about videogames, books and who knows what else.

For My Reference

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 5, 2013, 2:47 PM

I keep changing around fandoms a lot. I still like them all but one sometimes wins over the other and it's not helping with the fanfictions I am trying to write so I'm going to make a list in particular order of my fandoms (not all of them.... we'd run out of internet) and the fictional characters I like within each. I have nothing better to do with my time due to this damn cold anyway.

Fandoms First Tier

:bulletgreen: Priest (Movie-verse)
:bulletpurple: Star Trek (TOS & 2009/13)
:bulletgreen: Xena: Warrior Princess (TV Show)
:bulletpurple: Middle Earth (Movie-verse & Books)
:bulletgreen: Thor (Movie-verse & some comics)
:bulletpurple: X-men (Comics & Movies)
:bulletgreen: Avengers (Movies & comics)
:bulletpurple: Hercules: The Legendary Journey's (TV Show)
:bulletgreen: Resident  Evil (Games, movies & books)
:bulletpurple: Elder Scrolls (Games & books)
:bulletgreen: Fallout Series (Games)
:bulletpurple: Borderlands (Game)
:bulletgreen: Riddick (Movies, games & books)
:bulletpurple: Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Books, comics, games & TV Show)
:bulletgreen: Farscape (TV Show)
:bulletpurple: The Hollow Crown (TV movies)
:bulletgreen: Ghost Ship (Movie)
:bulletpurple: The Tribe (TV Show)
:bulletgreen: Legend of the Seeker (TV Show)
:bulletpurple: Judge Dredd (Movie, comics, Books)
:bulletgreen: Greek Mythology
:bulletpurple: Star Wars (Movies & books)
:bulletgreen: Pathfinder (Movie)
:bulletpurple: Doom (Movie & Games)

Fictional Characters

Mostly ones I fangirl over, meaning I wish were real and regret nothing.

:bulletgreen: Black Hat (Priest)
:bulletpurple: Munder (Ghost Ship)
:bulletgreen: Boromir (Lord of the Rings)
:bulletpurple: Eomer (Lord of the Rings)
:bulletgreen: Haldir (Lord of the Rings)
:bulletpurple: Legolas (Lord of the Rings)
:bulletgreen: Beleg (The Similarion & The Children of Hurin)
:bulletpurple: Leonard 'Bones' McCoy (Star Trek)
:bulletgreen: Caesar (Xena & Hercules )
:bulletpurple: Cupid (Xena, Hercules  & Greek Mythology)
:bulletgreen: Loki (Thor, Avengers & Norse Mythology)
:bulletpurple: Gambit (X-Men)
:bulletgreen: Mael (Xena)
:bulletpurple: Gob (Fallout Series)
:bulletgreen: Brynjolf (Elder Scrolls)
:bulletpurple: Martin (Elder Scrolls)
:bulletgreen: Lucian Lachance (Elder Scrolls)
:bulletpurple: Lord Vaako (Riddick)
:bulletgreen: Riddick (Riddick)
:bulletpurple: Hal/Henry (The Hollow Crown)
:bulletgreen: Judge Dredd (Judge Dredd obviously)
:bulletpurple: Stark (Farscape)
:bulletgreen: Ghost (Pathfinder)
:bulletpurple: Leon Kennedy (Resident Evil)
:bulletgreen: Albert Wesker (Resident Evil)
:bulletpurple: John Grimm (Doom)

Mostly ones I fangirl over, meaning I wish were real and regret nothing.

:bulletgreen: Xena (Xena & Hercules)
:bulletpurple: Ephiny (Xena & Hercules)
:bulletgreen: Aphrodite (Xena, Hercules & Greek Mythology)
:bulletpurple: Zhaan (Farscape)
:bulletgreen: Sapphire (Elder Scrolls)
:bulletpurple: Jack (Riddick)
:bulletgreen: Rayne (Resident Evil)
:bulletpurple: Rogue (X-men)

Fan Fictions

Fan fictions I am working on, slowly in between dying of university work and playing Borderlands, Star Trek Online and Lego Lord of the Rings

:bulletgreen: Fields of Fortune (Lord of the Rings)
:bulletpurple: Nocturne (Elder Scrolls)
:bulletgreen: The Only One You've Got (Star Trek)
:bulletpurple: Everlong (Resident Evil)
:bulletgreen: Salvation or Damnation (Ghost Ship)
:bulletpurple: Burning Desire (Priest)

Mirkwood Meetings by keokotheshadowfang
Party by Painful-Paradise

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